Why choose cloth nappies over disposables? Eco-parents love cloth nappies for their zero-waste appeal. They're reusable, reducing landfill waste!

How often should cloth nappies be washed? For hygiene, wash every 2-3 days. Pro tip: Don't let them sit too long to prevent mold!

Pre-wash ritual for these eco-warriors? Always rinse off poop before tossing them in. Sun-drying helps with stains!

What's the ideal washing temperature? Warm wash (around 40°C) is a balance between hygiene and eco-friendliness.

Which detergent should eco-parents choose? Opt for natural, fragrance-free detergents. It's gentle on nappies and Earth!

Softeners: Yay or Nay? Skip them! Softeners can reduce absorbency. Use vinegar for softening instead.

How to dry these green gems efficiently? Line dry under the sun. UV rays naturally sanitize and bleach stains!

Stains stubbornly staying put? Lemon juice + sun = natural stain remover. Let nature do its magic!

How to keep cloth nappies smelling fresh? A dash of baking soda during wash keeps odors at bay. Fresh as a daisy!

Ready to embrace the eco-parent path? Washing cloth nappies is easy & eco-smart. Happy green parenting!